The book gives recipes for the treatment of certain diseases, as well as overall health and prevention. In addition, you will find information about the healers-tree-energy properties, chemical composition and effects on the human body, and also provides guidance on the application, indications and protivopokazaniya.Rasteniya consumers - is a single support necessary for various diseases associated with excessive energy use. They also contribute to the cleaning when clogged and blocked energy channels in Nadi, having come to a halt and negative energy, buy paxil helping to irritation, anger, rage and bitterness.Usage: 20 grams of flowers poured boiling water 1 cup, to maintain the water bath for 15 minutes, drain, bring the amount of hot water in a cup in the form of heat, take 1-2 cups.. l is 2-3 times den.Mehanicheski light diet (1 tbsp.). can include coarse fibrous connective tissue. Therefore, the meat is always tendons and fascia, and unresolved birds - by kozhi.Osobenn ​​No useful calcium in the water, young children, the most