Its essence is, examples of the tumor is in can be variously arranged recognized adverse effects on the body - physically, by eliminating the treatment and incentives of chemical and biological sciences and lesions, cancer practice base with foreign carcinogenic and achievements before became a solid foundation of other issues to prevent. Before the list of cancer-causing lesions is not intended to be limited, they are not necessarily turn into cancer. Sometimes the environment and public food, housing, health, independently buy peasher anafraninl wonline passed metabolic disease, is sufficient to eliminate the harmful effects at the end of all of the bad treatment personal hygiene habits of the cancer disease. In other cases, it is necessary in addition to the implementation of activities related to the treatment, will always prevent the occurrence of disease and in a timely manner. Honey, recipe is known to be very for the treatment of anemia good 51. However, you need to seriously take a choice of honey., There is no doubt that here interested in the East and a part of South Asia and the South East - the actual birthplace of this plant. In particular, land formations and vegetation, certainly not found enough set of wild tea. For example, the Swiss botanist A. De Candolle (1883) suggests that tea is widespread in the north of Indochina; Russian researcher AN Krasnov (1898) believes that the wild tea is found only in China and Japan in the area peasher online no prescription of ​​forests dominated by oaks; famous Russian scientist K. Dzhemuhadze by studying the biochemical properties of native Vietnamese tea to the conclusion that the place of origin of the tea should be considered Vietnam. The question of the true homeland of tea is still under discussion until genealogical roots searching tea tree, can knowledge of a particular place of birth to help the primitive form which will provide the raw material needed to find further study and improvement of plants.